Monday, 30 June 2014

My last one yard wonders post

Hi everyone, this is just a followup.

No new pictures...

About the giveaway I have been having.

Drum roll please

Congratulations go to Hilde De Budt who has won her own copy of the lovely Little One Yard Wonders. 

(I've sent you an email to get your details).

My copy arrived the other day and the excitement began again. I can't wait to have a break from work so I can get back into spending all my weekends and evenings sewing again. (There are a couple of projects I have my eye on).

Hope to talk to everyone again soon.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

My little one yard wonder

Those of you who have been following me along on my sewing journey may remember a long, long time ago back in April 2012, that I submitted a pattern and it was accepted in a book called Little One Yard Wonders. Well it has been published. I have been rather excited even though I have not seen a copy yet (It's in the post). Here's a look at the cover.

It looks so lovely. I can't wait to see the real thing.

This is the sunsuit that I submitted. You can tell how time has flown by how big my little poppet has become now. I think I may have even gotten better at taking photos since then.
Even though I have not seen the book in person yet I have seen some photo's and I am allowed to share them. After I made up a sample and sent it off it was photographed by Julie Toy and here are a couple of photos that appear in the book (I'm indefinitely not that good at taking photo's):

 Here's my little shirred sunsuit. I am still proud of it. It was such a great concept I am thinking of making another one but maybe not for my little girl who is a bit on the old side now...

Here's the other beautiful photo. Oh it's good to see something come to fruition isn't it.

And so with much excitement I am going to run my first ever giveaway. If you want to win a copy of the book Little One Yard Wonders courtesy of Storey Publishing here goes...
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Fiji 3

Ages ago - last year some time I started to show you all the clothes that I made for Fiji but I never got through showing you all the lovely sewing. I have a reason for showing you now see this will be post 99 for me on my blog and I have something a little special for my 100th post...

Okay starting here with a go to signature dress
I adapted the sleeves from this tutorial. I love this dress as does my little one. Perfect for the beach. 

The one thing that I have against it is it looks too good. I don't know if you know what I mean by that... It looks like I could have bought it off the rack. That's good as in I know my sewing is as good as what I can buy. But the thing is what is then the point, the dress is not something that is individual that is designed just for my daughter and suits just her personality... 

We do love it though and will definitely make it again for over swimmers but maybe a new pattern and appliques. 

This dress on the other hand screams one off. It is all in the fabric mermaids swimming with whales- just the thing for a tropical escape. I wish I had some clearer photos to show you of our oliver + s Badminton dress. A beautiful pattern as all oliver + s patterns seem to be. Next summer I think I will make the top length in a floral...

The final thing I made for our trip was bags. A big effort but well worth it. Everyone got to choose fabric and I can for see them being used for many years into the future. This bag is Amy Butlers weekender and it was plenty big enough to fit all of the kids things in them for a full weeks stay with plenty of space left over. How pretty is this? The boys chose bugs in jars and Aliens and I love them all. I love that they so look like themselves.

Well I guess I will leave Fiji there, it is sad that it was almost a year ago now but the memories are still strong...

Bye bye Fiji.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

How to sew a circle pocket.

Usually when I do something on my blog I spend time editing the photos. The computer that I was using to do this on has decided it will not work anymore so I am left being able to do only the simplest editing so please forgive my photos. It is hard to see the drawn lines, sorry. 

When I made a skirt with a circle pocket I was asked how I did it, here's how...

First find a cup that the wearer of the garment can put their hand into. Draw around the brim on to the wrong side of pocket lining. I drew straight onto the fabric though you should make a pattern on paper if you are doing it properly.

 Mark 1 inch from the top and two sides. Join the three marks to create a larger semi circle.
 Mark 3 1/2 inches lower on the bottom side. Join so the outer circle becomes egg shaped. 

Cut around the outer egg on your lining fabric. Cut another egg shape from the fabric you want to see on the finished garment.

Pin right side of pocket lining to right side of the garment. Sew around the circle.

Trim 1cm on the inside of the circle. Snip/ notch around the stitch line. Each snip is around 1cm apart.

Fold the lining through the hole to the wrong side of the hole. Iron.

Top stitch the hole.

Pin the other egg to the lining.

Sew and finish the outer edge.

And there you have it Here is my circle pocket. I'll show you the skirt it goes into in a couple of days...

Friday, 30 May 2014

The Octonauts go costal.

So this month I took part in the Handmade Kids Clothing Swap twice over. To be honest I thought I only signed up once but since to be in it twice you needed to fill in the forms twice I must have changed my mind at some point. I am rather glad that I did because it pushed me and I love a chance to be creative.

The challenge for this swap was for a little boy who loves cars and Oconauts. I have to say I jumped at the chance to go to Octonauts, my boys loved them when they were in preschool so I had fond memories.

 I did a little stalking of my swapee (looked at her pinterest boards) to find out what she liked. I stumbled over the costal cargos there and immediately thought that was it...

Of course they look a little different from the originals. But I do think they scream Octonauts.

Instead of using bias tape I found some great octonauts ribbon. I also added some button hole elastic as the little lad I was making them for was tiny and I think it makes sizing that bit easier.

 I didn't add a lot of the details of the pattern namely with welt and cargo pockets because I thought they were busy enough especially after I added the octo alert knee patches. There is not an episode of that show that goes by without them needing to sound the octo alert. So I appliqued and used buttons to great effect I think, even though at the time I was a bit annoyed about the need of 8 legs.

So here are the lovely octo costal pants... 
Hope he likes them as much as we do.

Skirts across the Tasmin.

I took part in a Handmade Kids Clothing Swap this month for which I have sent some skirts across the Tasmin. I only have a photo of one but it was by far the most exciting. I like trying new techniques and this seemed like a good opportunity when my swapee just wanted a surprise.

My aim was to combine pretty girly with winter and I came up with this. Corduroy with a lighter weight floral. The photo's of the whole skirt are rather washed out but it is all in the details anyway. A circle pocket. It looks awesome if I may say myself even if it is only big enough for small treasures.

The other fun feature using corduroy for bias. It was an experience being so bulky but it gives the bottom of the skirt a lovely weight which will hopefully make it sit nicely.

The one frustrating part of this swap is I did not have a child that was the same size whom I could try it on and see how it fits/ looks so I have to be patient. Mum always talks about how she wanted to call me Patience (a family name of ours) as it might have been the only patience I ever got... I may give up and make another of my daughter instead of waiting we both thought it looked pretty.

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Pokemon jacket time.

Have you ever met Ash? 

He is the little boy from Pokemon for those not in the know. 

I have a nephew who loooooves Pokemon at the moment and as we are going to see him soon I have been busy. Annoyingly Ash changes what he wears every new game that is released...

So this is the Ash I chose. The black and white version.

And drum roll please... we have my version. I have gone long sleeves as I made it for winter, lined with polar fleece for warmth and I'm really sorry about giving a little boy white clothes but it had to be done (but I am glad it won't be me washing it.).

I used the Blank Slate Study Hall Jacket and played around with the details. I got to have fun working out the piping and how to divide the pattern to add multiple colours and how to do the kangaroo pocket.

 I have to say I am so glad the pattern is fantastic. I was probably a bit silly to use a pattern I have never used before but it looked like it would be perfect. It did sew up a little on the small side, thankfully my nephew is also a little on the small side so it should fit well.

So there you have it, our oh so cute Pokemon jacket.